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If you desire to contact and to purchase a Labrador Retriever puppy from Servant's Labradors you are at the right place.  Please read all of this web page and follow the instruction below if you like to place a deposit on a Labrador puppy.  All potential customers are screened as to what kind of life style a puppy will live with potential buyers...

The screening process is done with this questionnaire below so if you are interested in receiving a puppy from Servant's Labradors do the questionnaire and wait for a response from Servant for the next step of placing a deposit, please be patience for a response from Servant's owner.

Note: If there are no litter at the time you do the questionnaire you will be put on a waiting lists and will be notified once a breeding take place of the up coming litter.


There are just some simple questions being ask about your knowledge, the home life style, and activities a Labrador puppy will have with you and your family.  Please do answer all the questions below and do give a phone number you can be reach at since all follow up are done by phone.  Do copy and paste all questions from 1-10 into the your email, note: when you click on the "Submit Questions" button below it will launch email message to Servant's Labradors with our email address display it self automatically.

How to Copy and Paste:

Just highlight all the questions with your mouse.  Take your mouse pointer to the test of the first question and hold down the left button of your mouse over the text and scroll down to the last questions to highlight all the questions.  Next step just go to the  "Submit Questions" button click on it and point your mouse pointer into your email and click on right mouse button and select paste.  Now you are ready to answer all the questions from your email.  Note: If you like to give additionally information beyond the questions add that information at the end of the questionnaire.


Questions for the Message Box:

# 1: Will your Labrador puppy be a indoor dog, outdoor dog or both? Size of yard, large, medium, or small? And do you have a fence yard?

# 2: Do you have children (how many and their age)? Also adult age living in the home?

# 3: Let it be known if you have a current pet and type.

# 4: Have you ever had a dog before? If so how long? Tell about your experience and knowledge with the Labrador or dogs in general.

# 5: Also were do you plan to let your Labrador to sleep at night?
Such as in the home, dog bed, in a crate, yard, garage, outside, in a kennel outside. 

# 6: How many hours will your Lab be left alone during the day? How much time do you have for a Labrador each day?

# 7: Let it be known your training plans and activities for a puppy such as basic obedience training, crate training, sport (hunting), etc.

# 8: Also indicate color you like your Labrador to be  black, yellow or chocolate?
Please let it be known the gender you want male or female.
 If color and gender do not matter let that be known. 

# 9: Do you agree and understand the Lab puppies are sold as a family companion pet and not for breeding and agree you need to consider to spay or neuter your pet Labrador in the future?

# 10: Contact Information: Your first name, last name, and telephone number?  And the best time to call you?
(Phone number require for follow up)

Submit Questions

or call 951-928-6377
 Office Hours

***All Lab puppies and adult Labs are sold as companion pets and on limited registrations. please click on links for more information***


Thank you for your inquire.


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Note: Servant's Labradors reserves the right to refuse a sale of it's Labrador puppies or adult dogs to anyone.  Keep in mind this kennel puts it's puppies and adult dogs well being first and it's customers desire of purchase second.

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