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Southern California in Riverside County near Lake Perris.
 Nuevo CA



Labrador Breeder of Southern California Near by Cities: Los Angeles LA, Orange County,San Diego County, Hemet, Riverside County, Temecula, Acton, Banning, Palm Spring, Near by States Nevada and Arizona and New Mexico.

Labrador Retriever Breeder Goals

Servant's Labradors is a professional hobby breeder that sets it's goals of breeding of excellent and good quality Labrador Retrievers sires to the best selected dams, therefore producing litters of excellent to good quality puppies that are suitable for the whole family to enjoy as companion. The goals are to breed for temperament and sound body Labrador puppies for all to enjoy. The Labrador sires and dams must prove themselves worthy of breeding in the following categories...

  • All are AKC purebred Labrador Retrievers
  • Servant's Labradors have about 20 years history OFA for hips and elbows
  • Good history on Eyes for PRA and clear by DNA
  • To have overall good health and good endurance
  • Excellent temperament "gentle in nature"
  • To be willing to obey "trainable"
  • To have overall good conformation

    *** Breeding Labrador Retrievers 20 years now and continuing to  breed the best of the English and American show lines ***


    Labradors Coat Colors

    The current coat colors that are being bred here now are the yellow Labrador Retrievers and the black Labradors.   In the yellow color group you will find the light yellow shades which are the cream and on the darker side of the yellow are the golden yellow.  In the black Labs you will see a very dark black with excellent double coats.

Health Guarantee

All puppies come with a health guarantee.  To be free from hip and elbow dysphasia and their eyes free of PRA. from parents DNA

Implementing Continue Health Protection

At Servant's Labradors there are only three or four litters whelp per a year and a great deal of care is taken for each litter that arrive and they all are hand raised.  And once a litter of puppies are able to eat puppy food here at Servant they are put on premium puppy food, and put on NuVet Plus dog supplements to help aid them to maintain their bodies and to protect them from disease.  Once the puppies leave here we have no control for health protection for the puppies. so one of the requirement for puppy customers to do are to keep their puppy or puppies on NuVet Plus supplement for dogs.  The goals are to maintain puppies health once they leave Servant's Labradors and to protect them from disease that they can be expose to once they leave. It is written in the health guarantee to continue this supplement program during the guarantee period which is one year.

The NuVet dog supplement has the human grade quality of ingredients in their supplements, using vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs designed formula that will help increase your pets longevity and quality of life.  For more information on NuVet Plus click on this link NuVet Dog Supplement


Always fair and competitive and all prices base on pedigree and conformation. Labrador Puppies price $1,800.00 per a puppy.

No puppy are sold with full registration or for breeding..

All of Servant's Adult Labradors Sold as Companion only and pricing varies..


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