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Jessica's girl puppy with King Jesse and Acton's Son Lacey and Chase son

This web page is dedicated to the Lab puppies in the current litter and the future litters to come. This Labrador breeder
have been breeding black and yellow Labrador Retrievers for many years. In the yellow color group
you will find a wide range of colors from a cream to a golden yellow.

Current and Future Litters

Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale

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Anyone of these puppies will make a excellent family companion dogs with the correct temperament. intelligent, and along with good looks. These parents are from the most influential Labradors from England and America, the parents pedigrees are a must to see, they are from the very best of the Labradors lines with long history of their OFA done and eyes clear of PRA.

 Eve and Mark's puppies are due to arrive June 8, 2017. There are 3 black and 4 yellow puppies in this grand litter. The color range for the yellows will be light yellow to golden yellow. Puppies are ready for their new homes July 29, 2017. The price for the puppies are $1,700.00 each and they all are sold as family companion pets.

Currently One Black Male Puppy Available to Reserve
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Currently Six Puppies Reserved

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Mated Pair:

Mark and Eve

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Her hips normal OFA "Good" and "Elbows" normal, Eyes PRA clear as normal by DNA

Servant's All About Eve of Wells

Eve a beautiful golden yellow color Labrador that comes from excellent champion show line of English and American show lines.

Her father is American show champion name CH Dovetail's Priority JH.  and his father is AM CH Dickendall Davaron Gable a handsome black male who sire 42 show champion. And to top that off, her mother Esther's father is a import from England "AM CH Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley", Eve came from some amazing show lines and her pedigree excellent.


Eve a small girl weight about 55-60 lb. and a English style Labrador with good bones and with a nice head and great expression, excellent pigment with beautiful dark brown eyes, prefect level top line, excellent angles, full dentition, and a beautiful golden double yellow coat.  She has a very sweet temperament and medium energy.

The puppies are sold and place as companion dogs in family companion homes
with Limited AKC Registrations

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Mark's hips normal Prelim OFA "Good" and "Elbows" normal, Eyes PRA clear as normal by DNA

"Bellis Ridge Texas Tornado"

Mark is a handsome black Labrador Retriever and a excellent example of a black Labrador show type.  He came out of excellent show lines right here in America. Both of his parents are show champions and both have excellent pedigree back ground making Mark's pedigree excellent.

Mark's granddad on his sire side is a Gold level Grand show champion and the #1 Labrador for 2012 and he is "MBISS MBOSS Gold Grand CH Briarwood's Eye On The Prize".


Mark confirmation English style, strong bones, broad blocky head with great expression, beautiful dark brown eyes, level top line, excellent front and rear angles, with great movement and reach, nice thick otter tail, he has a excellent temperament, good energy... he is one happy easy going boy.

The puppies are sold and place as companion dogs in family companion homes
with Limited AKC Registrations


Mated Pair:

Mark and Abby

Due to Arrive around Sept 11, 2017
(There will be Black and Yellow Pups, more info coming soon)



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