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Placing a Deposit for a Puppy or Puppies.

One of the requirement is that you use "Servant" or "Servant's" in your puppy's AKC registered name if the puppy purchased for showing.  Please indicate your choice in a email or letter with deposit.  Also indicate choice color of your puppy black or yellow same for the adult Labrador.  Please let it be known the gender you want male or female. All puppies are sold as pets and with limited registration,  please click on this link pet for more information.

A $200.00 non refundable deposit required to reserve a puppy and US funds only. The deposit will go toward the purchase price of a puppy or adult Lab.  Please, do not place a  deposit on a puppy till after it is posted at the "Litter Announcement" webpage that the deposits are being accepted and  the owner approved the purchase. Note: Please do not send a deposit over the $200.00 or a lesser amount.

The remaining balance will be due upon picking up your puppy.  If your deposit been received before the litter is born and your desire color (yellow or black) or gender not available after puppies are born then your deposit will be return or the deposit will be put toward the next available litter if you like. Note: If the Labrador needs to be ship the full balance and shipping expense need to be paid in full before puppy or adult dog are ship.

You need to check with your schedule to make sure you are able to pick up the puppy on the ready date, If you are unable to pick up a puppy on the ready date do pass on that  litter and wait  for the right litter to suit your timing, please do not place a deposit or you will lose it, note the deposits are non refundable once place and it is non transferable to another litter unless the owner have to make the change.   The ready date it  is set so that all puppies can go into their new homes at the same time this way no puppy are left behind without a littermate to play with.  Please do not try to change Servant's schedule after placing a deposit, please be consider of this kennel and it's puppies and to the other puppy customers.

Note: On a rare occasion after a deposit has been received Servant's Labradors owner may need to decline a sale due to some unforeseen circumstance,  when this happens and at no fault of the customer the owner will return the deposit  and this maybe done without a explanation as to why.  Also the deposit will be return within five working days.

Servant's Labradors reserves the right to refuse a sale of it's Labrador puppies or adult dogs to anyone.  Keep in mind this kennel puts it's puppies and adult dogs well being  first and it's customers desire of purchase second.


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