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PRA Negative/non-carrier by both parents DNA test cleared as normal
OFA hips "Fair" elbows "Normal"

"Servant's Where Honor Due of Wells"

King's comes from excellent champion show lines of English and American show type.  His dad "Jesse" father is a very impressive import from England and he's from all English lines, and he is AM CH Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley CD, and his mother is Mae she a beautiful sweet English type Labrador with that old fashion temperament.


King has a stocky English style of a conformation with strong bones and broad blocky head with excellent expression, he has excellent pigment with beautiful dark brown eyes, prefect level top line, excellent front and rear angles with a nice deep chest, and with great movement and reach, full dentition,, and he has a beautiful light golden yellow coat.  He has a very sweet loving temperament pass down from Jesse and Mae his mom, he has her happy spirit and he is a true buddy type just like his dad. He has no desire to rule others, he's just a lover


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Mark's Hips Prelim OFA "Good" and "Elbows" normal, Eyes PRA clear by DNA, Mark has the yellow gene.

"Bellis Ridge Texas Tornado"

Mark is a handsome black Labrador and a excellent example of a black Labrador show type.  He came out of excellent show lines right here in America. Both of his parents are show champions and both have excellent pedigree back ground making Mark pedigree excellent.

Mark's granddad on his sire side is a Gold level Grand show champion and the #1 Labrador for 2012 and he is "MBISS MBOSS Gold Grand CH Briarwood's Eye On The Prize".


Mark conformation English style, strong bones, broad blocky head with great expression, beautiful dark brown eyes, level top line, excellent front and rear angles, with great movement and reach, nice thick otter tail, he has a excellent temperament, good energy... he is one happy easy going boy.

Both King and Mark are PRA Negative/non-carrier by both parents
DNA test cleared as normal.

All Females used for breeding must have health clearances of OFA

If you desire to use one of Servant's sire for breeding you need to bring or mail a copies of AKC, OFA (both hips and elbows) and CERF or DNA for PRA certification to Servant's Labradors prior to breeding.  If you like to bring your female to the kennel for breeding you also need to have proof of Brucella screening from your vet 48 hours before breeding takes place. 

You are guarantee three live puppies or you may bring your female back for one repeat breeding (within one year) with no additional stud fee.  If pass a year than a service fee will be require at the time of breeding.  If your female no longer available for breeding you may select another female in her place.  If stud dog no longer available another will be selected. Note: No refund for stud service.  Any transportation costs on breeding and re-breeding are to be paid for by the owner of the female Labrador.  Be sure to set up a FedEx account for shipping if shipping required before it is time to breed to prevent a delay or miss of breeding.

Note: The studs at Servant are not at public stud dogs but are available to only to approved female Labradors and only with their health clearances.  Do your health check before your Labrador goes into season so you will be ready and not miss out on a desire litter of beautiful Labrador Retriever puppies.

(Fresh semen can be ship)

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