Servant's Labradors

Hunters Labrador Retriever Puppies from Servant

Register Your Puppy with AKC

  • The name of your puppy will start with Servant kennel name.

  • The AKC paper are set on limited AKC registrations.on all hunt puppies

  • The limited setting tells AKC that the puppy was sold not as a breeder or show dog, the limit will not be removed in the future

  • When you buy a hunt prospect puppy there are no guarantee that your puppy will get it's hunt  title or be a hunter you will take your resist as we all do and pray for the best.

  • AKC rules for hunt as to who can participate.  AKC Field Events are open to retrievers over the age of 6 months and registered with the AKC. This includes dogs with Limited Registrations; however, dogs with ILP (Indefinite Listing Privilege) numbers are eligible only for hunting tests.


Training for the Hunter

  • Puppy basic obedience training

  • Basic hunt training with AKC rules

  • Beginner hunters should start their puppy training right away with retrieving and with a professional.

  • Training  with introduction to the water is a must

  • To look for hunt training classes in your area contact


Getting started in the field events


  • If you want to purchasing a puppy for all three purpose a pet, show, and hunt you need to read the show requirement as indicated at this link

  • Note: Servant's Labrador puppies are not bred to be sold to breeders.  These puppies are bred for the family as pets and for hunt title homes or as hunters for the sport of hunting. Once in a while a puppy will be sold for as a show dog and on limited registrations till it qualifies to be removed.


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Last update February 14, 2008

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