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Misty Before

Dear NuVet Labs,

Misty, my 14 year old chow has been with me since she was a little puppy... Like most pet owners, she is extremely important to me and her health and well being are foremost in my mind.

For the past 7 years, since I moved back to California with Misty, she has suffered with allergic dermatitis. She started to lose a great deal of hair and was continually biting, scratching and obsessively licking her hot spots until they were bald and raw. After many visits to the veterinarian, pet stores and a series of cortisone shots, nothing seemed to help her. I was then forced to put her in an Elizabethan Collar. Misty After NuVet Plus™

I felt terrible that in her senior years she would have a diminished quality of life. I was fortunate enough to come in contact with NuVet Plus. Misty started on the supplement and within a few weeks I noticed a dramatic improvement in her coat and skin. Her hair started to grow and the bald, hot spot areas were beginning to heal and fill in, and she no longer had an unpleasant odor. Within 11 weeks her hair grew in thick and shiny and now looks like it did before she developed the allergic dermatitis. There is no more odor and her overall general quality of life has improved greatly since it was no longer necessary for her to wear that "lampshade".

I am certain that Misty's wonderful appearance and renewed vigor is the direct result of her taking NuVet Plus and we can't thank you enough for your fantastic supplement. It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words so I am enclosing before and after pictures.

Ken Sagedy


Dear NuVet Labs, Dinky and Anne

I felt that I must share with you the story about my 11 year old cat. Dinky was always a big guy and weighed about 19 pounds all this life. His weight started to dramatically drop to where his bones were showing. The vet was not sure why his general health was suffering and he would not even give him his annual shots due to his dehydrated and weak condition. He told me he wouldn't last more than one week.

I was fortunate in coming in contact with NuVet Plus. I started to give it to Dinky and he just started to fill out and come back to life. In 30 days he had gone from 8 pounds to 12.4 pounds. He's since had his shots and he looks wonderful. Everyone is so amazed. This product is absolutely phenomenal, we were ready to put him to sleep and I am so pleased we hesitated that night and give him extra time because he had just started to take the NuVet Plus.

It has been over 8 months now and Dinky is still lively and vigorous. Everyone I know is using NuVet Plus with their dogs and cats and I am thankful to NuVet Labs for discovering such a wonderful supplement.

Anne P.


Dear NuVet Labs,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks for your remarkable product, NuVet Plus. I have an 11 year old Rottweiler named Champ. Over the past few years, his health has been quickly deteriorating. Due to extreme arthritis, Champ has had very little energy. Within the past few months, his condition worsened, prohibiting him from being able to eat his food from his bowl. I would have to feed him on a plate, while he lied down. Because of the severe arthritis and lack of energy, I contemplated putting Champ to sleep. As a last resort, I called the breeder I bought Champ from for any suggestions. She informed me about your product, NuVet Plus. We started feeding the wafers to Champ and slowly we noticed an improvement in his condition. After three months on the product, Champ was up and around again as if 5 years were taken off his age. In fact, once in a while, Champ even comes up the stairs in the morning to wake me. I wish I had discovered NuVet Plus sooner in Champ's life. I cannot thank you enough for developing such a wonderful product.

Jack Paulsen
Salt Lake City, UT


Dear NuVet Labs,

My name is Laura. I have a tabby cat named "Ginger" who would like to thank your company for improving her daily life. Ginger developed a digestive problem and continually had trouble keeping her food down. Our veterinarian suggested several different remedies over the past few years, but nothing seemed to work. When I heard of your cat supplement through a friend who feeds it to her new kitten, I immediately began giving it to Ginger. It wasn't long before Ginger's stomach problem improved. She is much more excited now during meal time, knowing that she will be able to keep the food down.

I am a true believer in your product and I will recommend it to every cat owner I know.

Thanks so much,
Laura P.
New York


Dear NuVet Labs,

I have a Chocolate Lab, Chester, and he was suffering from severe allergies and this is from the time he was a puppy. I tried everything I could, from veterinarians to all types of supplements, but nothing worked. He was having trouble healing because of all his biting and scratching.

I was introduced to NuVet Plus and after a short time on NuVet Plus I started to notice his belly, especially where the allergies were most prominent, starting to heal quite a bit. It was a remarkable change after such a short period of time and I feel very strongly that NuVet Plus had a strong impact on the healing process. I have been feeding him the supplement for 5 months, and his hair has grown back thick on his stomach where he had been completely bald from bacterial and yeast infections.

I have been very pleased with the sensational results and I just want to thank you for coming up with these products.



To The Wonderful Folks at NuVet Labs:

I just had to write, to let you know HOW GREAT NuVet Plus is! My husband had gotten a few samples, actually for one of our "babies", who has arthritis. As I was reading through the leaflet, I noticed about cancer plus red blood cells. My eldest dog had been diagnosed with cancer. Sammy also has a red blood disease. She was only given until June to live. We're almost at the end of July &, not only is she still alive, but she is jumping - running - barking her head off!!

I can't get over your product! I gave some to my mailman & now he's a regular customer. Also gave some to my neighbors. The mailman says he loves it. The neighbors said her dog's eyes cleared up and he is running around too! (with arthritis). I called your order number and asked that some leaflets come to my home and to the head of the oncology dept in Manhatten.

I just had to thank you so much for saving my baby! I'm one of those crazy people that have birthday parties for my dogs! My husband and I love our dogs! Again, thank you so much.

Yours Truly,

Kerry - Mastic Beach, NY

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Being a breeder of Yorkshire Terriers, I am constantly on the lookout for new products that will make my dogs healthier, and my job easier in getting these little guys on their feet and going. Having recently tried Nu-Vet Plus Canine Wafers, I have been absolutely thrilled at the results I have witnessed.

I have a very little female who has a tendency to become frail after she gives birth. Nothing I had tried to date seemed to make a difference for her. We were considering breeding her one more time, then retiring her if we couldn't get her past this week point. It usually happened when her pups were about two weeks old. A friend of mine suggested I try Nu-Vet Wafers because she had wonderful success with them on her own dogs. Of course, I was skeptical. Nothing to date worked. We started giving her Nu-Vet right after we bred her. When she had five beautiful, healthy pets, with no trouble, I was thrilled, but still a little skeptical. We would see in a couple of weeks. Five is a good number for a Yorkie, and I was concerned she would not be able to keep them all going and we would lose one or two. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. Not only did all stay alive, they were the healthiest pups I have had to date. They were walking early, their eyes were open early, they were wrestling and playing much earlier than any litter we had had. We even had one who would climb the sides of the crate. Yorkies don't climb like that. And equally exciting was, the female came out of this with no problems whatever. When she would normally have been getting down, she was just picking up speed. They are three months old now, and are the picture of health.



Griffin, GA

"NuMoon Dobermans"


When we were first introduced to Nu-Vet Plus, we thought OK, we will give it a try. We have tried all kinds of different vitamins on our dogs but have NEVER seen the results we are seeing using this product.

Alfred, had just turned fifteen years old in February 2000. He has cataracts in both eyes, was diagnosed with total deafness in both ears, not to mention that he has arthritis. The arthritis is what worried us the most, being that he weighs 65 lbs. and must go up and down the stairs to go outside. We could see how painful this was for him. As of 4/7/00 Alfred has been on NuVet Plus for 5 weeks. We started to see a difference in the way he moved after just two weeks. He has more energy than he has had for over 2 years and does the stairs with ease. For over 2 years he would late at the top of the basement stairs and cry as everyone else would follow me down. Now he comes with me and is much happier.

Reno, is lame in his right hind leg. He would tend to favor that leg constantly. He has been given NuVet Plus for about 3 weeks. He is getting stronger and moves a lot better every day. Also I need to mention that he has been a picky eater. NOT ANYMORE, He eats like there is no tomorrow.

All of our dogs are now on NuVet Plus to assure us that they are getting the proper nutrition. We do not feel that this is an unreasonable request, after all, we take vitamins, right? Our dogs should too.

Being involved with many breeders throughout the years, we know of others that put their puppies on 2 to 4 different supplements. All the supplements that they use are in NuVet Plus making it also cheaper to use.

Thank you NuVet Labs for making this antioxidant vitamin available to us.

Lee and Andy

Bethel, MN


"My Nu Vet Experience (Experiment)"

When I first heard about NuVet Plus I did not think it would be better than the top quality product I was already giving my Bengal cats. But I decided to test it. I put half (3) of my adults on the NuVet and left the other half (3) on the supplements I was currently using. On the missing link was: Pixie (2.5 years old queen), Buddy (1.5 year old stud), and Lil Pix (1 year old future queen). On the NuVet was: Kator (9 month future stud), Satin (1.5 year old just bred queen), and Sassy (1 year old queen-who turned out to be pregnant as well).

We continued this supplement experiment for two months until the babies were born. Satin delivered her first litter with no professional assistance, even though the first baby was breech and difficult to deliver ( we lost that kitten after 13 hours of labor) but her little boy was perfect. Three weeks later, Sassy delivered her first litter too. Sassy, who was a very small girl, delivered 7 babies!! (she only lost the very first one who was breech, the rest all lived to reach maturity, even though 3 were premature and very small.)

About two weeks after the delivery of Sassy's litter, I realized how much nicer Kator and Sassy's coats were. Kators's was much softer than it had ever been. Sassy's previously had been sticking up "all over the place" and quite greasy - even petting her didn't lay it down or smooth it out. Now, it was laying nice and it was smooth and shiny ( and little Sassy had been carrying 7 babies). I thought this was great. The clincher, however, was that at just about this time, I re-read the packages to compare prices for my friend; and realized with a shock that we had had these results with the missing link group on the full recommended strength and the NuVet group on only half the recommended amount!

That was a year and a half ago. I immediately gave the remaining other vitamins away and I've been feeding and recommending the NuVet ever since. And, at the end of the 98-99 show season our altered male placed 7th Best Alter in UFO's (United Feline Organizations) National Standings!

PLG Illuzions' Polar Storm
aka "Buddy"

Nationally 7th Best Alter


"Noodles Romanof"

Dear NuVet Labs,

We want to thank you for creating such a wonderful product, and for making it taste so good! Most animal "health" products on the market, almost have to be force-fed or "hidden" in the food some how, because kittens tend to be a bit "finiky" in their appetites. Your product is totally tasty to our cats, and has made a tremendous difference, especially for one particular fellow we have. "Noodles Romanof" is a beautiful purebred Russian Blue cat who is a delight to us. Sadly, he developed kidney problems and has had to be put on a different (specialty diet) food than the rest of his kitty family. (We have 7 total cats - most of them formerly feral strays who we rehabilitated and adopted into our family.)

He hates his special diet food and would rather starve himself than eat it! We had a huge dilemma as to whether to allow him to become as emaciated as he was getting, or let him eat the regular food and possibly lose him as a result anyway. Noodles was very unhappy that he was the "special" kitty as well, since we had to separate him from the others and he "knew" that they were getting the "good stuff" to eat. It was breaking our hearts.

Then we received your NuVet Plus daily feline supplement in the mail. We figured we would give it a try with him - at least he'd get more nutrition with the little bites he did take. We sprinkled a little bit on top of his specialty diet and mixed it up. Imagine our surprise when he loved it ! He ate more than we had ever seen him eat, and looked up at the package waiting for more !

He now actually loves being the "special" kitty, and waits patiently (okay, maybe not so patiently!) for us to sprinkle his special diet food. He then eagerly eats his meal. His coat has improved, his energy, and most especially his appetite.

Thank you so much NuVet!
We can't recommend this product highly enough to anyone with a "finiky" eater. We know it has extended our kitty's life and we are so grateful.

Dan & Marnie
North Carolina

"Burmese Females"


I would like to also tell you how much we love your product NuVet Plus for cats. I am a breeder with 3 Burmese females. When I was introduced to the product, I was not sure about it, but the last female that I acquired was given it, so I thought I would at least try it. Her fur was so beautiful and her muscles were perfect. So, after I spoke to my vet about your product, he told me to use it on the other two females, and that since it had taurine in it, it would be beneficial

Well, I have been very faithful in giving it to them every morning with their moist food and within three months I could tell a difference in their fur, energy, personality. They also have healthier kittens. By this, I mean, more muscular and more weight when they are born. The kittens are started on NuVet Plus once they start eating moist foods and are given the product every other day. We have noticed the kittens fur is softer and shinier. They seem to be more energetic, if that is possible. LOL!

The first litter of kittens that was born after I started my females on the product, I took them to the vet for a standard check up. He was very impressed and asked what I was doing, and I reminded him of your product, and he was amazed at their size and look.

When I took the same kittens back for their shots, and another check up, my vet could not believe how healthy they were and their fur was so shiny and healthy.

After a female gives birth they are very thin since the foods they eat goes straight to milk for the kittens. Well, since I have given them your product, I have beautiful healthy moms that do not have that thin look to them. They also seem to bounce back quicker from the birthing.

So, now when the clients come for their kittens, they are amazed at how good they look, and how healthy they are. I have received several letters from my clients telling me that their vet is so impressed with the kittens look, weight and healthiness.

Also, when a client hears about your product and what it can do, they will 9 times out of 10 buy the NuVet Plus and continue to feed it to them.

It is very important to us that we keep our cats and kittens healthy for our clients as well as for themselves. So, it is nice to hear that we are doing the right thing and people have the utmost respect for us as breeders. Since we only breed twice a year, our "girls" have plenty of time to build themselves back up and your product is a definite source of vitamins and nutrients for them.

Thank you for helping us keep our beautiful Burmese babies healthy.


"Hair Growth"

We have always had miniature Daschunds...including both of us in our childhoods. And, we have seen more than once the (evidently) common hair loss on the tips of the ears and the chest area. Our 10 year old female lost hair on her ears that progressed to tissue necrosis. So when our 2 year old female began to lose the hair on her ears and chest, we were determined to try to stop the process. We tried 4 different vets, including a skin/allergy specialist, had blood/urine/mites/allergies tested, all negative. All 4 told us that "this is common in Daschunds...especially hairloss on the ears and chest..." One vet even had a name for it: "doxy ears". Another vet showed us a reference book, noting alopecia in Daschunds.

Found your product.

After one month, the 2 year old had significant re-growth of hair on her ears. At about 6 weeks of use, the re-growth hair on her chest has gone from almost bald to long enough to slightly curl and the ears are perfect.

We are absolutely convinced of the effectiveness of NuVet Plus waffers.

Sincere thanks and congratulations on a product that really works!

Mark and Lynn - Austin, Texas

"Elizabeth Max Feline Fetish"

My most precious 17 year old cat, Mimi, a Maine Coon is doing great on NuVet! It has made a remarkable difference in her coat, scaley skin, arthritis, and general enery level. The vet had her on a supplement when old age began creeping up. I didn't notice an improvement, really, and she detested being given a dropper full 2 times a day.

Mimi had a stroke 2 months ago and it affected one of her eyes the most. The lower eyelids almost completely covered the eyelids. She would rub against anything to get them to subside. I haven't seen her doing that anymore, and her eye seems normal. Her wabble when she walks is almost a thing of the past, too. She is more social and verbal. Namely, during her waking hours her attention is persistent. O.K. Mimi, even though it's 4:00 am, I'm up, and more NuVet is on the way.


Elizabeth - Seneca, SC

"Amazing Results"

Just a brief note to let you know how thrilled I am about the results of your product for my cat, Beedder. I am a Maine Coon breeder, and Beedder was the first Coon we ever had. He is now approaching age 9, and about 9 months ago was diagnosed with thyroid problems. A month or so later, I began to use NuVet. I was trying the product to see if I was interested in recommending it to my kitten buyers, so all 15 of my great guys and dolls received it. Beedder had follow-up blood work every 2 weeks for about 2 months, and since there was no change for the worse, we decided to monitor him periodically and hope that we did not have to take him to Texas for a thyroid operation. 3 Months later, we tested him again, and there was tremendous improvement. He had been putting on weight, and his coat was much better, with less dryness and flaking. I was so thankful that he was going in the right direction, but did not attribute it to anything special at the time. 3 months later, his test came back totally normal. He was trotting through the house and playing like a kitten again. I was thrilled! I was hesitant to believe that any product could promise such results, but frankly, the NuVet was the only thing we had done differently, so I have no choice other than to believe the product was at least partially, if not totally, responsible for the turn around. I now recommend the product to all my new kitten buyers, and I have heard some amazing things from them, not only about how healthy the babies are, but how the product has helped their other cats and older pets. The results are undeniable, and so many intelligent, educated people are raving about it! I am now starting our 9 1/2 year old Rottweiler on the dog version, hoping that it will help his arthritis. He is already on medication for the arthritis, but I am hoping to see further improvement with the NuVet.

Thank you for a great product, and I am pleased and proud to recommend it to my customers.

Vernon and Ann

"Y-B Blue Rag Dolls"

Dear Sirs,

I wish to comment on your NuVet labs Plus feline supplement. I breed rag doll cats and have been giving the supplement to both my mothers and their kittens. I have found that the kittens are healthier and definitely more active. The Rag Doll takes up to 5 years to reach its full maternity and because its immune system is slow to mature, I feel that this product is a definite plus to their diet. I encourage my new kitten owners to use it for this reason. I can only hope that they continue using it throughout the cats life.



"Nothing Short of Astonishing"

Dear Mr. Kirschbaum,

Thank you for the sample supply of Feline NuVet Plus and your letter. I had asked to try it on our "Skinny Queen", Selene. In just 1 week, the results have been nothing short of astonishing! Previously, she was really spooked from the fresh food bowls by our other cats (we breed Birmans) and was becoming very hissy - something we attributed to persistent hunger. If nothing else, your product is demonstrably a very powerful appetite stimulant - she is putting on weight and is much friendlier around the other cats. Thank you!

In the last couple of days, I have spoken with both Mark and Michael about your "Selected Breeder Program", and yesterday ordered 12 jars of the Feline Formula and 50 samples of the Feline Formula, plus, samples of your Canine Formula, and a quantity of product brochures and Independent Distributor Forms. I outlined my intention to market your product at pet shows and to vets. I am prepared to make a substantial commitment to this great product...

Thank you very much,


"Bull Lover's Kennels"

Hello Nu-Vet:

I am a Bull Terrier and Bull Dog breeder from Canada. As a matter of fact we have been the top Bull Terrier breeders in Canada since 1996 and just won the "Pedigree Top Bull Terrier In Canada" again for 1999!

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your product. I have never used any vitamin supplement in the ten years I have been breeding my dogs. Then one day one of my male show pups had noticeably flat feet. I was very concerned and thought that it might be due to some type of vitamin deficiency or something.

So I contacted a Great Pyrenees breeder friend of mine to ask her if she knew of a good product to use since her breed grows so quickly and she recommended one. I then ordered the product and while waiting for it to arrive, I noticed a day or so later, one of my six week old Bull Dog puppies had a weird looking front leg, and if I remember correctly was even sold, and just waiting to go to her new home. On closer examination, I could see the leg was bowing all the way from the should to the foot. It was bowed so badly that the pup could no longer walk, and in a matter of only a couple of days from when I first noticed it, she was almost crippled. I immediately panicked and called the vitamin place where I ordered my stuff and asked them to get it to me right away. I had a pup in serious trouble and she was going crippled right before my eyes. They told me that the stuff wouldn't arrive for another 10 days. I was in a panic. Then I remembered an American company called NuVet had sent me some samples to try. I thought that I would give this pup one tablet a day until the other stuff arrived so at least she was getting something to help her.

Well, in four days the leg was completely straight!!!!! Then I noticed her little sister doing the same thing and her leg straightened back out in under a week as well. Man was I impressed. I called NuVet and asked them to send me some bottles for my Bull Dogs. When it arrived, I compared the two products, since by that time the other product had finally arrived. There NO comparison, NuVet was much better, better ingredients, more ingredients, and more of each ingredient.

I was sold...but I am a person who will not recommend something unless I really feel it is doing a good job and I can stand behind it 100%. So a couple of weeks after the Bull Dog incident, I had four nice Bull Terriers. Two were show puppies that I was keeping and two were heading off to wonderful pet homes. The show pups were together in a special puppy area that my husband built me, and the two pet puppies were also together next to them. So I decided to do a little experiment. Since both groups of puppies at the same food, and were on the exact same flooring area, I thought this would be a good time to see if NuVet REALLY made a difference. I gave the show puppies and didn't give it to the pet puppies. In a week or two the NuVet puppies were up on there toes better and had stronger pasternes and had much nicer coats than the other pet puppies. I was convinced!!! NuVet for ALL my dogs from now on...Bull Terriers and Bulldogs!!!

By the way that Great Pyrenees breeder that recommended the other product...she is now using NuVet...<grin>

So thanks NuVet for making such an excellent product...oh...one other thing "Glory" is now 1 1/2 years old and still has an awesome coat thanks to your product.

Bull Lovers Kennels (Perm) Reg'd


"Tarheel Rottweilers"

Dear Friends,

We in the Rottweiler community have become increasingly alarmed concerning the immune system of our beloved breed. The ever escalating problems that a lot of breeders are seeing are --allergies of all kinds, digestive disorders, which, as we know, Parvo is especially more easily caught by the Rottweilder pups, which up to 4-5 months, can rarely be saved. Then our breed seems to be more sensitive to Coxcidia and Giardia, which is directly connected to the immune system! Dare I even suggest that premature cancers seem to to o the rise! I could go on and on, but I don't want to discourage you from our wonderful breed.

There is a new product on the market that has only been available to vets in certain parts of the country to date, but is now being offered to selected Show Kennels. I am passing on this information to the owners of my babies in hopes that you will consider this product a must for your dog's nutrition. I realize that to date I have recommended K-Zyme, as it has worked for me for years, as a flea/tick deterrent. I have been assured that this new product will do the same--in addition to enhancing the immune system, which seems to be the Rottweilers' greatest problem - maybe even more so than Hip Dysplasia!

The name of this product is NuVet Plus (canine). It is expensive, but so was your dog and he/she is worth the investment!!...The ingredients are extremely costly, Shark Cartilage, Evening Primrose Oil, Blue Green Algae, Antioxidants, among others--thus the justification for the price!

As always, I enjoy hearing from you, and if you would like to see our web pages, the addresses are TarheelRottwilers.com and http://members.aol.com/TarheelRot/index.html.

"Hot Spots"

Dear Nu Vet Labs,

Spring has arrived and my 12 yr. old Lab.- G.Shep. again has to suffer from "Hot Spots", which I'm afraid will kill her this year. She also has arthritis in one hip.

A groomer suggested Nu Vet Plus, which my dog, Samantha, has been on the chewable wafer for a good two weeks now. I noticed an improvement, after one week, in her skin condition.

She's a happier dog because she's back to following me around on my farm, while before she was lethargic and just worn out from scratching. She looks so good in her eyes, telling me she feels so much better. Thank you !! :-)



"Ear And Skin Problems"

Dear NuVet Labs,

I have been battling ear and skin problems with my Cocker Spaniel for 2 years. It has been very frustrating. Thanks for the 7 day sample of NuVet Plus. After the 2nd day, I started to notice the difference. By the 7th day, the flakes and the smell were gone. NuVet is a product that I would definitely recommend.



"My Golden Retriever"

Dear People at NuVet Labs,

I felt compelled to write to you and tell you about the most wonderful experience I have ever seen in all my years of owning dogs. My Golden Retriever, Buddy, has been my pal for the last 8 years since he was a pup. He is my only family, and as you can imagine, I love him very much! About 3 months ago, Buddy began losing weight and became lethargic. He would just lay around all day and reject most of his food. This was very strange for him because he had always been very active, a good eater and would look forward to running and playing ball with me.

I was worried to death and took him to 3 different vets and none of them could come up with anything that would work. They all told me that something internal was going on with him and nothing could help. I contacted the breeder from who I bought Buddy and asked if she had any answers for why Buddy was acting the way he was. She told my that she was using a product called NuVet Plus and had personally seen and heard many positive things about the supplement. I immediately called you 1 month ago and started to give Buddy the NuVet Plus.

After 2 weeks of using NuVet Plus, Buddy started to get energy back and started eating everything in sight. I am completely amazed, as is the vet that I took him to this morning. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your fantastic product! You cannot imagine how appreciative I am as I was sure I was going to lose Buddy. You can be sure that I am going to tell every person I see who owns a dog to start using NuVet Plus.

Thank you for saving Buddy's life.


"Classy K9 Kennels"

After reading the ingredients in NuVet Plus, I wondered if I should take them myself. I was impressed with the content, but as they say, "the proof is in the pudding". I have a female Collie who was just not doing well after her puppies were weaned. She had done her natural shedding, but had a skin condition that the vet simply could not find a cause for. I decided to try NuVet Plus on her. I now give samples of NuVet Plus with every puppy I place. My Kadi had stopped itching and was growing new hair within a week of starting the tablets. She thinks they are a treat and administering them is fun. No coaxing, or poking them down her throat. She loves them and thinks she has done something wonderful to get the treat.

Birthing and raising 12 puppies was something wonderful and she deserves the best we can give her.

Classy K9 Kennels

"Dogo Argentino"

Dear NuVet:

On Tues. 02-29-00 I received a call from Jeff regarding your product. Although I have read some literature and had some samples, having bred and shown doggy since 1985 - I was set in my ways of old supplements.

The week before I had scheduled an appt. to have my 10.5 year rescue bitch (Dogo Argentino) euth. She has been with us for over 2 years, has a displastic hip and prior to - was kept in a basement for over 4 yrs. (also whoops - "accidently-bred") prior to this. She had extreme difficulties on the stairs (I live in a bi-level) and started having accidents upstairs so a she would not have to walk the stairs. We would coax, beg, plead and order, but her pain was too great and keeping her confined downstairs would have taken away her quality of life.

Jeff called and spent an hour on the phone, answering my questions and comparisons. Based on the info. received I ordered a 3-mos. supply (also the ever-skeptic that unless you try if for at least 30 days there would be no apparent results).

I started Satin and Jet, my 2 Dogo Argentinos on the same day that I had spoken with Jeff. On Friday (4 days) on the supplements a change was noted. Satin ASKED to be let out, standing at the top of our stairs, waggin her tail and enthusiastically walked down the stairs (4) times in one day!

NuVet has literally saved her life and gave her, her quality of life back. Thank-you!

My 2 yr. old Dago, Lija's Gerberus de Jajome, has also been placed on NuVet. I am enclosing their pictures and from my house to yours, Thank-you! You made a believer out of me!



Our little old lady Cocker Spaniel of 13 years is spry! Tatianna seems happier...we can only guess that she is feeling better.

Our other pooches, Puck (9 years Cockder Spaniel) and Kendra (6 years, Rottweiler) have stopped "grazing" when we take them out for runs in the park. No more upset tummies!

Please check to make certain we are on a monthly mailing schedule,



Here are cute stories of our adventures "On the Road with Two Cockers and a Rottie"


"Red Mange"

Hi! I have a dachshund puppy that has red mange. she started losing her hair so I took her to the vet. My vet said red mange Red mange is in the blood so is passed on to the puppies. My vet said to give her ivomec every day for 3 weeks. This made her very sick and still losing her hair. I stopped giving her the ivomec. I took pictures of her with the hair loss and stared her on the NuVet. You should see her now. Her hair is growing back! My vet is going to run tests on her again after all her hair grows back. After all of her hair grows back, I'[ll send you pictures.



Dear NuVet,

I just wanted to tell you haw thrilled I am about your vitamin supplements. My dog is an Akita about 12 years old and she was loosing her fur in patches. Her energy level was at about zero. After being told about your product, I called and bough it. I was amazed at the natural ingredients and no sugars. I noticed Ninja's energy level increased within a week. I never thought to see such fast results. Her fur is full and growing back. Her appetite has increased too. I am glad that she is feeling better. I wish I had this product when she was a puppy to have helped prevent these problems. I am very pleased with the NuVet and I would recommend anyone who cares about their pet to feed them NuVet supplements daily.

Noah - California

"Stormy Story"

Dear Nuvet Labs,

My husband and I have a cat named stormy and he is very hard to please. He brings us so much laughter and fun. He is like a son because he is very much a part of our family as most pets are. We wanted to feed him nothing but the best food. I heard that some foods do not contain all the special nutrition that cats need. I was recommended to Nuvet Feline supplements and Stormy loves it. Sometimes when he acts finicky we mix it in his wet food but the results are wonderful. His coat is so silky and he has so much energy.

Thanks Nuvet,

Kimm, Kyle, and Stormy.

Email on 11/19/04, Message from: Kathryn

Just wanted to say thanks for having the NuVet website link.  My elderly yellow lab (rescued) has arthritis and these products have helped her tremendously!

All Testimonial came directly from NuVet happy customers...


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