Servant's A King's Reward of Wells

He is Yellow English type Labrador

"Different stages of his wonderful life"



Jesse just a little over four weeks

Jesse he is a grand looking youngster with a lot
of substance at such a young age.

Jesse started right off at the beginning of his life as a handsome boy with a regal appearance.  He has that English style Labrador confirmation and he displayed a very gentle personality with a lot of affection, he is true to the temperament type of that old fashion Labrador Retriever.
The name of Jesse is a Hebrew name that means "God's Gift" and he lives up to that name... He's a true Gift from God...


Jesse 11 weeks and he is growing fast...
He is a very handsome boy, taking on his father's looks.

What's going on???

Jesse has his mother's sweet gentle temperament,
he is very affectionate boy.

Jesse at eight months

Jesse growing into a handsome boy....


Jesse a handsome boy with excellent conformation, he's mellow,
 and he has a very affectionate personality...


Jesse's Parents...



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Last up date June 14, 2010