Heaven, God's Home

Will it be your home in the future?

(My next home and I hope yours)

Will you be able to handle Heaven?
(ask yourself these questions to find out)

Here's a little bit of what Heaven will be Like.

Heaven the home of God, Jesus, angels, Godly old testament Jews,
and the Christians...

There are a host of Angels and creatures worshipping before
the thrown of God. Their eyes are upon God waiting and
watching and saying Holy, Holy, Holy,
praising God for His wonderful glory.

The streets are paved with gold...
Crystal clear gold...
Can you image that?

The bible tells us that to be in God's presents are fullness of joy and there are pleasures in His right hand...

I would say that most people do not understand God and His plans for His people. There will be lots of joy and great rewards waiting for the Christians. And I believe the pleasures of God's right hand are the rewards that He has for the Christians, waiting there in Heaven for them to receive. In Heaven there will be no more tears, suffering and no evil. To live in Heaven what a pleasure and honor to be able to live with God, His Son, angels, and the fellow Christians.

Jesus time will come to rule forever and he will become the
"King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords"
For all to See.

*Welcome Home*


 Dale Earnhart, pass on 2002

Dale, # 3 car of the NASCAR


President Ronald Reagan, pass on 6/2004

Reagan, 40th President of USA


Hannah My Lady

pass on 6/2004

Servant's first Labrador

Hannah God made you just FOR me...
I've love you so much and I still miss you 2013...


Boaz passed on 2007 at the age of eight

Boaz was Servant's second sire and he way a beautiful boy from New Zealand.
Boaz will be miss by his family and from Servant's Labradors owner.
This photo of Boaz and owner at LRCSC (Labrador specialty show).


Jessica passed on 2013 and near the age of 13...

Born July 2, 2000...
If God let dogs into heaven I did pray she will be there with Hannah and Boaz...
And when it is my time to pass on, I also ask God after I meet Him and Jesus
that my dogs will meet me there... along with my relatives and friends.


When will it be your turn to pass on???
And will you be in Heaven???
Or will you find yourself in Hell???


Please read the Bible

Read the book of "Revelation" in the bible
for more information about Heaven.

Read God's word "The Holy Bible" for direction and
Heaven can be your home.

Be sure to seek after God with all of your heart and
you will fine Him...

When we walk pass these gates of Heaven that's it...
we are home.

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Last update May 24, 2014