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* A Note About Price *

Servant's Labs puppies are sold as and at family companion price, not a breeding/show dog price. Servant's Labradors do not sell Labs for breeding purposes. Researching prices and you will find that a well-bred Labradors cost anywhere between $1,700 -  $2,000.00 per puppy.  Servant current price are $1,800.00 per puppy. You can find Labradors far too low in price of the normal price range, normally see this with back yard breeders or mills. Or you will find pricing far too high per puppy (as a pet) and this maybe base on color of the dog and not base on conformation set by AKC standard. Note: Servant's Labradors in the pass on a rare occasional puppies are sold for breeders & show dogs with terms that we have to agree upon.  As of 2012 no puppies or adult Labradors are sold as breeding dog from Servant's Labradors.

A puppy you find for less or a lot higher most likely comes from a backyard breeder or from a  puppy mill or a commercial breeder who breeds large numbers of litters per a year.  Backyard breeder, puppy mill, or a commercial breeder normally do not have good pedigree background, and the pedigree is a must to see... look for titles in the pedigree and look of health check of OFA and Eyes DNA test for PRA.  And note most of these people who breed their pets (backyard breeders) together are not in the sport of purebred dogs and do not research the health and genetics behind their Labrador pedigree. Many do not do the necessary x-ray for hips, elbows and check with OFA to if the dogs clear
dysplasia and they do not do eyes check by DNA testing for PRA. Although x-rays hips/elbows can get pricey they need to be done to produce healthy litters, but note doing these gives breeders a higher chance that their puppies will be healthy and live longer and healthy lives free of genetic problems that can affect Labrador Retrieves. So look at the history (history found in the pedigree of the parents) of the Labrador Retriever back ground before buying and if you can not see a history of OFA being done or eyes being tested stop and go back to a breeder who have the history for you to see like Servant's Labradors. Note: Long history not necessary with eyes DNA testing for PRA, that is if both or one of the parent eyes cleared as "normal" and it will pass down from one generation to the next, puppies will be free of having this eye disease...

Research the for health/genetics behind Servant's Labrador are posted at the website just click on each dogs pedigree to see the history of testing and you will see what merits the pricing of qualities of Servant's Labradors.

So, the bottom line is...
How much will a Labrador Retrieve puppy cost me?
  Well a good and fair price to pay for a well-bred Labrador Retriever puppy as a companion dog will cost you between $1,500 -  $1,700 per puppy. I hope this helps all you out...


Here is a link that will help you confirm the parents of a puppy you are interested in have their basic breeding clearances.... . All you have to do is type in the registered name or number of each parent in the search box and a page will appear with their hip and elbow scores. Normal Hip scores will be rated as either Fair, Good, or Excellent and all three of these rate are free of dysplasia. And elbows ratings are either Normal or they fail, even though they too are rated with 3 scores to differentiate the varying degrees of dysplasia, Grade I, Grade II, and Grade III.

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We are a located in Riverside County just 12 miles East/South of Lake Perris, and about 45 min. to 1 hr. from LA, Beach Cities, Orange County, Cherry Valley, Banning and desert area, and about 45 min from San Diego, and about 15-30 min. from Perris, Hemet, Sun City and Temecula


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